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Leading Cable Lugs Manufacturers of China!

Wenzhou Gedele Electric Fitting Co., Ltd is one of the leading cable lugs manufacturers in China. Being the renowned cable lugs manufacturers, we offer wide range of cable lugs at very reasonable prices. Our extensive China Cable Lugs and specialized product range has all of your electrical safety needs and other applications covered, particularly our cable lugs. All of our products are made to exact specifications and manufactured with the use of advanced modern machinery that leaves nothing to be desired and no margin for error.

Through a decade of experience as one of the well-known cable lugs manufacturers, we have developed business strategies and processes that ensure that the entire process, from the selection and placement of the product order to delivery, is seamless and smooth, leaving no margin for error. 

We offer great selection of copper tube cable lugs with variety of sizes, and types. Being one of the top China cable lugs manufacturers, we produce highest quality strips and rolled of wire lugs made of strips, and rolled.

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Why Choose Us?

Wenzhou Gedele Electric Fitting Co. Ltd is one of the leading company of China known for exceptional services and products. We have been offering the best tube cable lugs for more than a decade. Being one of the best cable lugs manufacturers in China, we provide the best quality products to fulfill customers’ requirements. We use modern technology and highly qualified team to prepare each and every product in a variety of sizes and types. Our experience in the business is what makes us different from other cable lugs manufacturers. We have numbers of valuable customers who are satisfied with our services, which is our biggest achievement. We strive to improve our products and services.