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Bimetal Crimp Link

Buy Bimetal Crimp links from the Leading Supplier of China - Gedele

Wenzhou Gedele Electric Fitting Co. Ltd has been operating in bimetal crimp link sector for more than a decade. We started operations in 2007, and since then, have been working consistently to refine our products, continue providing excellent services to our existing customers and to acquire new ones. All our products are designed to be heavy duty, robust and extremely cost effective.

As one of the most established suppliers and manufacturers of bimetal crimp links in China, our products come with a promise and commitment to delivering quality and creating long term profitable business connections.

A bi-metal crimp link is a type of solderless electrical connection and comes with numerous benefits over other type of connections, particularly due to the nature of the material composition.

All our materials and components that are used in the making of our bimetal crimp link products are a hundred percent original to ensure robust resistance to wear and tear.

Benefits of Using Bi-metal Crimp Links over Other Types.

bimetal crimp links are used to get rid of excess or stranded wire. It offers numerous advantages over soldering and wrapping of wires.

·         It prevents corrosion. This is achieved by ensuring that the crimp is of high quality and is made to be gas tight. This prevents oxygen and moisture from entering and damaging the metal components.

·         Due the low ratio of soldering, the joints are mechanically stronger.

·         Crimped connections are utilized for both short and large cross section.

We provide excellent after sales support. Rest assured, you will never face any problem when you order from us.